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One Herd Equine Facilitated Learning


Margaret River






“Eight years ago, I realised how incredibly sensitive and in tune horses are to the subtle energies that surround us. The more I worked with my horse, the greater self-awareness I developed. I became aware of how beneficial they were at reconnecting individuals back to their body and how they are feeling. This led me to study equine facilitation and my business One Herd Equine Facilitated Learning was born.

“Some of my highlights include a Heart Space workshop with one individual had quite a transformation during the workshop. Another highlight was working with an individual with cerebral palsy and seeing how the horses interacted with him.

“As we learn about the horse, we learn about ourselves in a heartfelt way.”

All work with the horses is done from the ground and no horse experience is necessary. The horse helps Karen to co-facilitate each session based on an invitational approach for all involved. As individuals work with the horse, there is an opportunity for true self-exploration and experiential learning.

Suitable for all ages, carefully designed interactive exercises are employed to create connection, safe boundaries, being present and aware within the physical body. One Herd Equine Facilitated Learning offers individual and group sessions or tailor-made packages within the time frame required, in Margaret River and Busselton. A psychologist can also be a part of the program if you prefer.

Karen is gearing up to promote the benefits of equine facilitation to various local mental health organisations and offering support for existing mental health treatment plans. She also has a wonderful space currently being created by her husband to offer the equine facilitation and to interact with the horses including a small obstacle course area.

Karen would like to connect with individuals and business owners who are passionate about holistic health and would like to offer a wide range of support for their clientele. She is also happy to offer a demonstration with the horses for people to get a better feel for what equine facilitation is about.